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Jr. High Religion
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Our Lady of Mt. Carmel!
Jr. High Study Skills 1
School Improvement Admin.
Lisa Barks
Sr. Dominica Bickerton, O.P.
Barbara Brunts
John Ciano
Maria Cossell
Kristin Cronkhite
Peggy Dermody
Jennifer Downey
Laura Farrell
Beth Fletcher
Jesica Fox
Katherine Hagel
Sister Grace Dominic Hargadon
Nancy Heidt
Patricia Hodgson
Alan Hughes
Katherine James
Mary Ann Keck
Joan King
Larry Krauser
Katie Kremer
Sr. Maria Benedicta Mantia
Kelly Maynard
Cynthia Mazelin
Sue McClure
Andrew Meyer
Michelle Minch
Samantha Owens
Meg Pike
Laura Pitcock
Valeria Pittsford
Mary Lou Pliley
Marilyn Rarick
Susan Reed
Allison Ripberger
Lexie Seall
Resource Teacher
Cindy Wilson
"If you had FAITH the size of a mustard seed..."
Helpful links: New American Bible ~~~ Catechism of the Catholic Church

7th Grade Religion
New Testament

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8th Grade Religion
Church History

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Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Sr. Dominica Bickerton, O.P.
7th Grade Religion
8th Grade Religion
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